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T6 Weighted Bat
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Force Train Better
T6 Weighted Bat

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The T6 adds approximately 60% to the weight of a standard 2 lb 10 (1.19 kg) bat, making it 4 lb 3 (1.9 kg) and the heaviest bat in our range. This is perfect for those who use a heavier bat or are really looking develop added strength in the upper body and forearms. The T6 is only available in adult SH and H size.
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Choose a bat that is the right height for the player. The guide below should give you a good idea. The player should be able to stand the bat next to them with the handle resting just below the hip joint. 

Recommended Bat Size Height of Player
 0  Up to 120 cm
 1  120 - 129 cm
 2  129 - 137 cm
 3  137 - 144 cm
 4  144 - 150 cm
 5  150 - 157 cm
 6  157 - 163 cm
 Harrow  163 - 168 cm
 Small Men's / Academy  168 - 175 cm
 Short Handle / Full Size  175 and over
 Long Handle / Long Blade  If you are Kyle Jamieson


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