Our Loyalty Programme is simple. Become an MVP by registering with us online or instore and earn rewards for shopping with us.

For every $250 you spend with us, you'll get $25 off your next purchase*

You'll earn MVP points on every purchase with us, no matter how small and once you hit $250 you'll have $25 to spend.

Register online as an MVP here.

As an MVP, you can spend and accumulate your MVP points on both Cricket and Hockey products with Cricket Express and Just Hockey. 

We're also looking to offer early access to new products. As an MVP, you'll have access to some of our products specials earlier than everyone else. MVP is a great stepping stone to becoming sponsored. When you register your details through MVP it helps us get to know you and we'll already have some of your details which helps speed up the sponsorship application process. 

*Terms and Conditions apply, see full details here.